Our Intern Shares History

DianeBergHi, I’m Diane Berg. I’m a library science student from North Carolina Central University and am an intern for the Office of Archives and History, Education & Outreach Branch [of which C2C is also a part]. While I’m here, I’m working on two main projects. One is checking and updating information in the North Carolina cultural heritage institution directory on the NC ECHO database. The other is working to compile a comprehensive list of WWI materials from the private collections in the archives. This involves defining what type of WWI materials and an estimate of the number of items that are contained in the collections.

1915letterI was looking through some of the correspondence in the Walter Clark papers when I came across a 1915 letter from William M. Wilson, a Charlotte attorney. The first part of the letter was about placing a woman in the office of Notary Public. I was almost going to continue on with the letters when the last paragraph caught my eye and piqued my interest. It was about children engaging in a debate about women’s suffrage. What interested me about this is that most of the letters and lectures I had previously come across were from an adult’s view on the subject. This little excerpt seemed an interesting find. It reads as follows:

“I was in Rock Hill yesterday and my sister was telling me of a debate on ‘Woman Suffrage’, that the school children had there last week. All of the little girls were loaded up on facts furnished by the National Suffrage League; the little boys’ arguments were originally drawn from the Bible, and their arguments kept the audience in a continuous roar. One little boy said that Eve had gotten man into trouble at the start and that man didn’t intend to give them any more chances; another one that the Lord said ‘Let woman obey man in all things’, and that as far as he was concerned they were going to keep on obeying. Needless to say the girls got the decision.”

Thanks to Diane for her guest post, on this last day of Women’s History Month, and for all her hard work and contributions to the 2 projects she has described.


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This blog will contain posts from the C2C project staff on a variety of topics related to collections care and disaster preparedness. Enjoy the posts and let us know if you would like additional information or have a topic you would like for us to address.

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  1. Loved the information – we so rarely here from a child’s point of view.

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