Our C2C team works out of the State Library & Archives Building in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We are an outreach program of the NC Department of Cultural Resources, funded by an IMLS grant.  Our goal is to provide staff training and support for the state’s nearly 1,000 cultural heritage institutions.  The majority of these have small budgets and many rely on volunteers for daily operations.  We are also striving to become a central clearing house for information on regional and statewide resources for collections management, collections care, and disaster preparedness.  Through our regular workshops, we are nurturing the development of regional aid groups for sharing marketing projects, exchanging skills, purchasing supplies, and training for disaster recovery.

Unless the post is otherwise marked as a guest post, a member of our C2C team has created the essay. Note that the views expressed in this blog may not represent those of the Department of Cultural Resources.

Lyn Triplett1Lyn Triplett is C2C’s Disaster Preparedness Coordinator. She has a background in the arts and many years’ experience as a public school teacher. More recently, she has served North Carolina’s Department of Emergency Management by establishing disaster response centers in communities suffering from the effects of hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes. Her posts often offer tips for cultural heritage institutions on disaster preparation and response.

Adrienne_Head_shot2Adrienne Berney is C2C’s Project Coordinator and a preservation specialist. She has worked as an objects curator for a state history museum and interpreter at several historic houses and has a Ph.D. in American history. Berney has led collections care workshops for the C2C project since 2010. Her posts include preservation tips, stories from NC cultural heritage collections, and discussions of issues in historical interpretation and audience engagement.

Our partner organizations include the Federation of NC Historical Societies, the NC Museums Council, the NC Preservation Consortium, the State Historic Records Advisory Board, and the Society of NC Archivists.


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