CREST Members

The Cultural Resources Emergency Support Team currently consists of 13 members across the state. Below are brief profiles of each.

LeRaeUmfleet*LeRae Umfleet initiated the CREST project and was the driving force in assembling the team. She leads the Education & Outreach Section of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR). A native of Eastern NC, she has plenty of flood recovery experience, as well as a professional background involving both archives and artifacts.

WandaLassiterWanda Lassiter is Curator at the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City. She is not only familiar with collections management processes, she is also a member of the Disaster Recovery Team of Baptists on Mission and has additional disaster recovery training through Crisis Response Care.

Jordan Madre

*Jordan Madre serves as an assistant registrar at the NC Museum of History. She’s enthusiastic about helping other institutions with artifact recovery needs.

???????????????????????????????*Jeff Futch is the Supervisor for the North Carolina DNCR Western Office in Asheville. He worked as an archivist for many years before becoming an administrator. Always eager to lend a hand, he assisted with collections recovery after the Thomas Wolfe Memorial fire in 1998.

LynnAndersonBased in Beaufort, Lynn Anderson is the Collections Manager for the three North Carolina Maritime Museums. She works closely with recovered artifacts from the Queen Anne’s Revenge underwater archaeology project.

Martha Battle Jackson*Martha Battle Jackson is the Chief Curator for NC Historic Sites. She has been working with artifact collections in the NC Dept. of Cultural Resources for over 40 years and has helped 5 state historic sites recover from disasters. Martha also volunteers with Samaritan’s Purse and, in that capacity, deployed to the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and to New Jersey for Super Storm Sandy recovery efforts.

ReidThomas2*Reid Thomas began working as the Restoration Specialist for the Eastern Region of the State Historic Preservation Office in 1990. In addition to his expertise in building conservation, Reid also has experience as a museum educator and curator. A lifelong Eastern NC resident, he has learned many lessons from past hurricanes and has helped dozens of historic house museums prepare for and recover from fire and flood.

Emily-mcdowellOur newest CREST member, Emily McDowell, is the Research Lab Supervisor for the State Office of Archaeology. A trained forensic anthropologist, Emily specializes in prehistoric materials.

HeatherSouth2*Heather South has been heading up the Western Regional Archives at the DNCR Western Office in Asheville since 2011. She is an experienced and certified archivist, who previously led a statewide disaster outreach program in South Carolina. She has served as a Cultural Emergency Responder for the American Institute of Conservation and an IPER instructor.

ChristianEdwardsChristian Edwards is a Registrar/ Curator for NC State Historic Sites. Based in the division’s Raleigh headquarters, she travels around the state to assist 27 sites with collections.

???????????????????????????????*Jennifer French has worked as an objects conservator for DNCR since 2007, first for NC Historic Sites and currently for the NC Museum of History. She has helped salvage artifacts in the aftermath of both the Aycock Birthplace and Chatham County Courthouse fires.


*Amber Kidd is the Local Preservation Commission Coordinator for the State Historic Preservation Office. A former FEMA employee, she has many years’ disaster recovery experience, in addition to historic building expertise.

JohnCambell*John Campbell is the Collections Division Chief for the North Carolina Museum of History. He began his career there as a registrar over 25 years ago.

Adrienne crop

*Adrienne Berney serves as the CREST Coordinator and is a member of the Education & Outreach team at DNCR’s Raleigh headquarters,  where she manages one of 4 regional caches of disaster recovery supplies. Her preservation and recovery efforts focus on artifacts and training.

[*] indicates the CREST member has completed 3 relevant FEMA training courses.


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