Workshop Testimonials

“An outstanding project that is going to [make] conservation/preservation techniques available to all.” (collections care participant, 2010)

“Very informative and enjoyable, especially the hands-on projects; Thanks, I learned so much.” (collections care participant, 2010)

“Wonderful-helpful-inspiring-empowering.  I feel I gained tools for dealing w/ issues that are a source of frustration and confusion.” (collections management participant, 2010)

“I felt the workshop was well worth the time.  I have been reluctant to attend any workshops; because I felt inadequate.  After attending workshops I found that my problems were not unique & I was not alone.” (collections management participant, 2010)

“I always enjoy attending your workshops.  They are some the best I have attended in my some 25 years with the state.” (Leland Smith, collections care and disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“I am especially grateful for the various refresher courses. Despite the years I’ve been in the field, it is always very helpful to be reminded of the best or new ways to solve various collections issues.” (Nancy Richards, collections management, collections care and disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“extremely helpful and relevant” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“We had [a] hurricane plan.  This will help me expand to more possibilities.” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“Terrific, great, super; just what I need” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“This is a great resource both for bringing cultural resource institutions together and providing information for professionals—thank you!” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“This has been very good for our small HistoryCenter.  This gives us resources that we would not have otherwise.” (collections care participant, 2011)

“Thank you for making this available when budgets don’t allow for us to spend on our own education and [learn] how to better serve our site.” (collections care participant, 2011)

“Extremely helpful…the presentation highlights just how creative and crafty people working out of small, local museums and sites have to be.” (collections care participant, 2011)

“Workshop was wonderful! There are few opportunities to learn nuts and bolts techniques in collections management.  I very much appreciate the C2C offerings.” (box-making participant, 2011)

“A great training and refresher” (response and recovery, 2011)

“wonderful and priced just right” (response and recovery, 2011)

“[C2C is] a very efficient way of educating a wide audience.” (response and recovery, 2011)

“I felt that the workshop addressed the needs of institutions lacking experience in disaster preparedness.  It gave us the opportunity to experience real situations in a disaster and, how to apply skills that were taught to a disaster situation.” (response and recovery, 2011)

“Workshop was much more practical and hands-on than prior sessions I have attended…I found it very helpful.” (response and recovery, 2011)

“Very helpful session—had no idea what a disaster plan would include but now have a better idea of what to do to create plan and respond to crisis at institution.” (response and recovery, 2011)

“Extremely helpful! There are many of us who want to help preserve & conserve historical items at our institutions but there is no money to hire professionals.  These workshops are essential for us!” (collections care participant, 2011)

“can’t wait to get back to the office and apply the new knowledge! (digitization participant, 2011)

“Excellent workshop—learned a great deal to assist w/ our collections & ways to preserve & simultaneously provide greater access.” (digitization participant, 2011)

“It was great to learn from real life stories presented by people who are so experienced & positive.” (collections management participant, 2011)

“It was a wonderful session and covered a great deal of information without being overwhelming.” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“Museums and libraries depend on the welfare of their materials to stay in business and being prepared is a major step in saving as many assets as possible.” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“Not only did I learn how to save important materials and documents, I learned there has to be some organization, so things won’t get misplaced afterwards, and we need to have pictures or some way to identify the missing items that may need to be replaced.” (disaster preparedness participant, 2011)

“Just being able to contact someone in the program or at least know where to look for help – is a great assistance to our program.”  (wood & metals participant, 2011)

“I really enjoy the speakers/ variety offered/ DCR staff.  I hope the grant money keeps coming to continue these opportunities at a low cost.” (wood & metals participant, 2011)

“It is wonderful that small museums have a chance to attend these programs with such a reasonable price.  Our museum is totally run by Volunteers, no fee for admittance and we do fundraisers to keep the lights on.” (wood & metals participant, 2011)

C2C: “YEA! I’d be lost w/o it” (exhibits participant, 2011)

Presentations “were very front-line on the ground info vs. theory.” (exhibits participant, 2011)

“REALLY appreciated Reid Thomas and Matthew Hunt- practical-great visuals…The Burn was amazing. Hands on clean-up and team work was great – want to learn more about disaster recovery. Want to be on a state team. I can’t say enough good things about such positive attitudes of Adrienne, Matthew, LeRae, Martha, so upbeat – great teachers – knowledgeable.” (fire recovery participant, 2012)

“a really inspiring & useful exercise.” (box-making, 2012)

“I really like the combination of instruction & hands-on learning.” (box-making, 2012)

“It got me thinking about creative ways to house collections.” (box-making, 2012)

“I love it [C2C]! I learn a lot & meet great people.” (box-making, 2012)

“I have learned so much in a very affordable and informative manner from C2C workshops.” (box-making, 2012)

“Awesome instructors! Helpful, polite, knowledgeable, & resource driven! LeRae Umfleet’s emails are awesome keeping us informed!” (NCMC 2012)

“This is a wonderful program that offers a great opportunity that isn’t being provided other places.” (NCMC2012)

“It was a great workshop. I loved mixing lecture portions with hands-on portions.” (NCMC 2012)

“Thank you so much for the C2C program! It helps keep collections a priority @ a small site where I do everything. Staff is always understanding of budget.” (visual arts 2012)

“As a very small institution (1 FT employee), I really appreciate the program’s approach–affordable, hands on learning.” (visual arts 2012)

“There is no way for us to express how much of a value this has been for us. Since we are opening a new consolidated Branch we are finally being given a chance to make changes. We are taking advantage. I am very thankful [C2C has] a knowledgeable staff that will answer questions without judgment. We feel so backwards but have been treated very nicely every time we reached out. We appreciate the respect.” (disaster preparedness participant, 2012)

C2C “is very helpful to people outside the vicinity of Raleigh, where resources are less plentiful.” (collections care participant 2012)

“I thought the workshop was very complete considering it was only 6 hours! (which is a perfect amount of hours).” (collections care participant 2012)

“As a new professional in the public history field, this is a fantastic learning opportunity for me – can’t wait to attend other workshops!” (collections care participant 2013)

“I got a chance to chat with both Linda Carlisle the Secretary of Cultural Resources and Keith Hardison the Director of North Carolina Historic Sites and Properties and thanked them for their support of FortFisher and for the programs, like the C2C training program, that our organization has so benefitted from.” (Barry Nelder, Federal Point Historic Preservation Society Newsletter, 19:2, February 2012)

“I usually am not able to attend meetings longer than an hour but you were all so interesting and helpful it was such an enjoyable day!” (Kathy McKeever, Mint Hill Historical Society, collections care participant February 2014)

“I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to dive in and start working with my items.” (public program participant, March 2014)


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